4/25/2017 Ashley Douphit I had a really wonderful experience here. The staff was very kind and got my oil change done in an hour. It was my first time here but they seemed very trustworthy and honest. I am going to start taking my car here.
4/21/2017 Bob Vaughn Did a good job and did it in a timely manner..Very easy!
Thank you Bob will always try to get everyone out in a timely manner and with great results! God bless Gary Blakeley - Future Automotive
4/19/2017 Ely Taleon Great customer service!
Glad you and your family are Back home in San Diego! Thank you for the FIVE STARS, and God bless Gary Blakeley - Future Automotive
4/14/2017 Stephanie H Thanks guys, you did a great job!
Thank you Stephanie ** Have a Blessed Easter. Gary Blakeley - Future Automotive
4/4/2017 Sharon Soto As always, excellent work at a fair price!
As Always we appreciate YOU Sharon!! God bless Gary - Future Automotive
4/4/2017 Andy Vogel Great work
Thank You Andy!! Gary - Future Automotive
4/2/2017 Beth Engstrom As always we trust your help !
Thank you my Dear! Always glad to help. :] God Bless Gary Blakeley - Future Automotive
3/30/2017 Gian tony provan Gary you got back your "old" now new manager Jay! he understanded my situation and he put me back on the road ASAP.Good job guys. regards
Well Gian Jay is definitely not a young man. :] The nice thing is he is very knowledgeable about all types of cars and repairs. Thank you for the nice review. God Bless Gary Blakeley - Future Automotive
3/30/2017 Janee Christianson I came in to have my headlight bulb changed and was charged double the price from the previous time. It actually was going to be three times higher but I negotiated the price down. Have always liked your services but was taken aback by the big price increase.
Ms Christianson you got a super deal the first time you came in and just don't realize what a good deal you got! Have a great day! Gary Blakeley - Future Automotive
3/28/2017 Lili Waters Always a pleasure to work with them! Staff super friendly and great service!
Thanks for taking the time to write a nice review for us Lili, we appreciate your trust in us. God bless Gary Blakeley - Future Automotive
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