6/23/2017 Joshua Platt Honest people, quality work.
We try our best Joshua. Thank you for bringing in your truck and SUV to us. God Bless Gary Blakeley - Future Automotive
6/23/2017 Linda Johnson I have been using Future Automotive for several years. They will go over and above to insure great service.
Over three years Linda. Thank you so much for let us take care of your Lexus. They are great cars and you should get many more years of service out or it. God bless Gary Blakeley - Future Automotive
6/22/2017 Doris Mcfadden I have been taking my car to Future Automotive for at least 10 or more years. I trust them with my car. Gary has always given me a break, but he no longer goes in much. Yesterday they replaces my compressor and other parts, my bill as over $1100.00, a little pricy but they are very good, so I guess it's worth it. The employees are very friendly and helpful.
Doris the guys like when I don't come into the shop! I do come in for pay day and take clients home. I'm spending more time with my daughters, while they still like me. And playing a lot of golf. I do follow up on work to insure we are doing a good job. With you being our 281st five star and knowing my crew I can enjoy semi-retirement. I'm OLD! God bless and thanks again Gary Blakeley - Future Automotive
6/21/2017 Lisa Forgett The auto service and customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lisa that's a lot of !!!!! ** Thank you for your business,. God bless Gary Blakeley - Future Automotive
6/21/2017 E M Good work as always!
We aim to please. Thank You for your review. God Bless, Gary Blakeley. - Future Automotive
6/21/2017 J C Very thorough service.
Thank You for bringing in you car. We will keep your car going for a long time to come. Thank You for your review. God Bless, Gary Blakeley. - Future Automotive
6/17/2017 Craig Wolfgram Very professional. They stuck to the quoted price given over the phone before our car was taken in for an AC recharge --- Thanks!!!! At the time my wife and I arrived at the shop it seemed that all the bays were full but to our surprise we were taken in right away. I would recommend Future Automotive to anybody asking for a reliable and customer oriented auto shop for their car repairs.
Many thanks Craig for your 5 stars and for recommend us to others. Our little shop tries our best to get people's cars in and out as quickly as possible. And with NO mistakes. With you and others responding with positive reviews, our shop has become first choice or first timers. Thank you again Craig and God Bless Gary - Future Automotive
Jay says Thank You, and WE ALL say Thank You. We do our best. Tell a friend! God Bless, Gary Blakeley. - Future Automotive
6/16/2017 Chris Chain Great service, fast and personal.
Greatly appreciate your review Chris. Thank you and God bless Gary Blakeley - Future Automotive
6/14/2017 Future Automotive had quick turn around and very personalized service. I appreciated that I was able to go on a test drive with the person that would be doing the work so that I could better explain what I thought to be the problem. I felt they were honest in their assessment and sensitive to my concerns about how much money it made sense to put into my 2010 Subaru Outback with 100K+ miles. Their communication with me from beginning to end was great. I definitely plan to continue to use Future Automotive for my car repair needs.
Thank You so much for being a reasonable person, making our jobs much easier. Like we always say, if your keeping your vehicle, fix it before something major happens. You always take care of your car. Thank You for the Great Review. God Bless Gary Blakeley. - Future Automotive
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