Need an Oil Change in San Diego? Experience The Professional Service Difference at Future Automotive!

oil change in san diego

A well-maintained car is a dependable car, and Future Automotive can help! They not only offer the best option for a quality oil change in San Diego, their skilled service technicians can perform all types of car repairs and maintenance, from the simplest belt change to the most complicated engine repairs.

Ensure Your Car's Health With Regular Oil Changes

Keeping your car running smoothly and efficiently begins with proper engine lubrication. When changed regularly, the oil in your engine protects it from the heat and friction created by the internal combustion process, and keeps the car running more smoother and quieter.

Five Reasons Why You Should Schedule Your Car Regularly for an Oil Change in San Diego

In most cases, your car requires an oil change every 12 months, or 3000 miles, whichever comes first. Scheduling your car for an oil change in San Diego is necessary to:

  • Ensure proper lubrication
  • Prevent the buildup of harmful sludge and carbon deposits
  • Install a clean, fresh oil filter
  • Prevent moisture and condensation from building up inside the engine
  • Keep engine oil at the proper level

Experience the Full Service Difference at Future Automotive

When you schedule your car for its next oil change in San Diego, Future Automotive's skilled technicians will:

  • Change your car's oil using up to five quarts of oil and the oil filter suggested by your car's manufacturer
  • Check tire pressure
  • Check your car's other fluids, such as coolant, transmission or transaxle, differential, transfer care, power steering, windshield washer, brake and battery (except for sealed batteries)
  • Inspect serpentine belts, wipers, air filters and lights
  • Lubricate chassis, if applicable

Experience the best oil change in San Diego for yourself, call Future Automotive today!